About Us

The Forge Promise

The cornerstone of Forge Metal Finishing is persistence, perfection and productivity. Each project is given the utmost consideration from start to finish.

No matter the challenge, a team of experts will seek out the best solution and maintain strict quality control criteria throughout its execution. Whether it’s a standard Forge process or one that requires intense customization, the Forge team continues to maximize their expertise and knowledge to accomplish the most difficult tasks.

Forge Metal Finishing

Forge Metal Finishing was established in 2012 specifically to meet the demands of the metalworking industry. What has evolved is a cutting-edge, industry leader, backed by superior quality and service. Forge employs only the best in the business and this team of experts continues to satisfy the most challenging requirements and exceed the highest expectations. And as Forge led the charge over 6 years ago, Forge will continue to evolve as an industry leader in metal finishing.

Forge Industries

A strict quality policy and attention to precision and detail has garnered Forge Metal Finishing a long established and extensive reputation within the defense industry. However, their range of capabilities and unique product applications extend to a variety of industries that require the same diligence and dedicated productivity.


Nozzles Couplings Flow tubes  


Lens tubes Dials and scales Retainer rings Spacers


Night Vision Systems Firearms Sight components Missile components


Lens tubes Dials and scales Retainer rings Spacers